Great Landscaping Services in Lafayette, LA

Great Landscaping Services in Lafayette, LA

Flower beds and general landscaping from Grandscapes

Finding a new look for your landscape doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are minor tweaks and additions that can improve the look of your landscape.

We provide commercial and residential landscaping. With a friendly feel and a comfortable look, let us take care of you!

If you have already chosen to incorporate one of our main services (stonework, outdoor kitchens, out structures) into your yard, we can ensure that the surrounding elements add to the beauty of your other outdoor elements.

For example, our licensed horticulturist will install beautiful flower beds, all using native plants. These plants accent the beauty of your other structures, as well as adding a great aesthetic to your landscape in general.

With our landscapers and horticulturalists working for you, your yard will be transformed in no time at all. Don’t let another week pass by without having a beautiful landscaped yard – get in touch with the professionals at Grandscapes today by calling (337) 446-6335.


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